When is the Best Time to Take a Cruise

When is the best time to go on a cruise? Well there are two factors to consider when deciding on a good time to take a cruise. For a lot of people price is a major factor when it comes to deciding when to take a cruise. For others it’s the weather conditions. When and where you go will determine what the weather conditions will be like.
Most people choose to take their Caribbean cruise based on convenience rather than price, and the cruise lines realize this. For families the most convenient time for them to go on a cruise is when school is out, so cruise prices tend to be higher from June until about the second week of August. For the snow birds, empty nesters who are wishing to escape the cold winter months, the peak time to travel tends to be January through April. The most economical time to take a cruise , or should I say the cheapest time to take a cruise is September through November. It hasn’t quite reached freezing temperatures yet, and school has just started making it an inconvenient time to travel for families.
Another nice benefit to this is the fact that cruise ships tend to be less crowded this time of year.
Here are a few other advantages if you decide to take a cruise off season.
• Beaches are less crowded
• Less waiting in lines for the things you want to do.
• Tour fares are and individual excursion fares are usually reduced in price and less crowed
• Accommodations and flights are much easier to book.
There are disadvantages to taking your cruise off season as well. Because the crowds are down and demand is lower some activities and attractions scale back a bit in the summer sometimes by half. For example, instead of six excursions a day, a tour operator may offer only three. Another thing that tends to happen during off season is construction. Hotels and resorts ten to use the slower months to do their renovations or new construction begins.
Okay, now let’s talk about Hurricane season. Hurricane season in the Caribbean is from the 1st of June through the end of November, although hurricanes can happen any time. During hurricane season July historically has the least amount of hurricanes; September followed by October has the most. If you are interested in the data, then the Natural Hurricane Center is the site you need to check out. for more information. Hurricanes typically move from the west to the east, and move about 15-30 mph. The Southern Caribbean experiences the least amount of hurricane activity, while the area near the Bahamas is the most frequently hit. On average approximately 8 hurricanes a year pass through the Caribbean. If you will be traveling to the Eastern Caribbean or Western Caribbean during these months you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance that includes hurricane protection. You can Get Cruise Coverage through Travel Guard, starting at $30. Get a quote today.
NOTE: If you do decided to take a cruise in the Caribbean hurricane season, keep these two things in mind. Hurricanes are not like tornadoes where they just pop out of the sky and land on you. They take time to build, and with today’s meteorological advances, there is always plenty of warning. If you are planning on taking a Caribbean cruise and a hurricane is in your path, your cruise may be redirected to another tropical island to keep you out of harm’s way.

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